Bringing Baroque BACK: SANZ

This past Friday, a classmate (Sade’ Ola) and I went out with a few friends to the Bastille area. As everyone in Paris knows, Bastille is one of THE places to be on a Friday or Saturday night. The streets are filled with laughter, glee, racing cabs and most of all BARS.

We stumbled across this cute bar called SANZ. The entry way had black draped curtains giving a sultry vibe setting the mood for a night of dancing. As you walk in the walls are covered in baroque styled red wallpaper and black and white checkered floors. The bar lamps are ornamented with cymbals where the bartenders would bang after you take a shot. The side area and the back portion of the club were decorated with intimate seating made of red velvety chairs suited for a king. They were definitely as comfy as they looked too! The DJ kept the jams coming playing everything from Bruno Mars to Earth Wind and Fire.

When entering we were asked to pay a €5 cover charge. Not too bad, but still a cover :-/. The service was pretty good seeing as though we were pretty packed. The drinks were good and the prices were surprisingly good. A strawberry mojito, which is one of my favorite cocktails, was about €10, and in a decent sized glass. They offer other cocktails and bottle services as well within a good price range.

Overall, I give this bar a 7 out of 10. I loved the music and just being able to be “Mayne the dancer” and not care that I am creating dance routines in the middle of the floor like I would at the club. I also loved the décor of Sanz. As the history buff that I am, the Baroque period was one of my favorite time periods in art. What I didn’t like about Sanz, was having to pay a cover charge. Though it was only €5, I just hate paying cover for a bar. I also wasn’t a huge fan of their mojitos. They were too sweet and not enough alcohol in them, but after 2 or 3 they tasted fine. Overall, this is definitely a bar to hang out on a Friday night with friends who love good music and a want to dance the night away.

SANZ 49 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine 75011 Paris

Metro: Bastille, Ledru-Rollin

Featured image

Photo Credit:

By Mayne Hairston


3 thoughts on “Bringing Baroque BACK: SANZ

  1. Marie-Astrid says:

    I’m very surprised you had to pay a 5€ cover charge. Was is at least a special night?
    I can’t wait to read more about the two other places to be in Paris on a friday night!


    • Mayne says:

      No it wasn’t a special night at all it was just a cover for the bar which is strange for Paris bars. But like I said at least I had some decent drinks and good music ☺️


  2. Dorinne says:

    Sanz sounds like a great bar, outside of the cover charge! The decor is a little dark but suggestive of an exciting evening out on the town! Nice to learn about a place with good dancing music!!!


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