Doctor’s Orders!


The last time I remember sucking on a baby bottle was at my cousin’s baby shower a couple of years ago, so when I heard that there’s a bar in town where they serve you cocktails in them, I knew I had to check it out. Tucked away in the middle of a street of the 6e arrondissement you will find a small bar with retro neon lighting at the entrance to pull you in towards what looks like an emergency room gone wild, complete with ambulance lights, red medical crosses at every corner, IV drips, colorful X-rays and most importantly a fully stocked bar. A cute mixologist shows off his skills while he serves you your tasty medical-based cocktail like ‘vaccine’, ‘artificial insemination’, ‘laxative’, or you can even have a ‘viagra’ if you are in the mood for it. Though most of them are fairly sweet, there is a ‘medicine’ for every illness to be served in cute baby bottles for 10€ or you can have an ‘electrochoc’ and get four rounds of shots served in 4 test tubes for 12€, but you enjoy these signature cocktails on Tuesdays and Wednesdays nights for  8€ instead of 10€ from 21h – 23h.

L'Urgence on a weeknight

L’Urgence on a weeknight

Conveniently located in between medical schools, you’ll find an array of med students here in the evenings, but don’t come in the weekends if you want to study with friends, as it gets so crowded you’ll never be able to find a table or a place to sit.


Female's wc door at L'urgence

Anatomical W/C doors

Men's WC at L'Urgence

WC at L'Urgence

Racy washroom décor

L'Urgence cocktails

L’Urgence cocktails served in adorable baby bottles and test tubes

Check out the 'chart' of cocktails

Check out the ‘chart’ of cocktails

Rating: 7/10

Ideal for college (university) students, singles, couples, friends,  anyone who wants to try something new and likes creative concepts.

Have you ever been to L’Urgence or any other creative bar? Tell us what you think, we’re dying to know which one is your favorite!

L’Urgence bar 45 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris

Metro: Luxembourg | Odéon

By Yessika Mármol


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