Market next door


My father taught me that whenever you settle, you should find the market place that’s most accessible as we are exactly what we eat.

A very nice market opens every Saturday from 10 am till 2 pm ideally located for those living in Saint-Louis Island, Cite or lower part of Marais and 1st arrondissement. Ideal as it’s not too overcrowded, though you can get in line once you arrive exactly at 10 am. The seafood is amazing and pretty cheap too. Shrimps come in all types and sizes, my favorite are the very small ones that when fried lightly taste like Asian chips. The market also carries lobster pinky beige, boneless fish almost done for you, you just need to cook it, snails, oysters and manifique terrine du crab that melts like an ice cream, try it!

It’s not the best place to buy meat or fowl – as they are all sold in plastic or already cooked, like the grilled chicken (poulet) in rotisseries you see turning over and over for hours. Vegetables are amazing, you can find whatever you want, but there is definitely a lack of fruits.

The quality of milk, eggs, fromage blanc are the same as in the grocery store nearby, but are marked-up by 10-15%, but they are bio (organic) so there is still a question mark.

If you need flowers, then it is not a place to go, though with so many florist shops around this is not a concern and of course, speaking French is highly recommended but body language goes a long way as well as people are extremely friendly and helpful.

Market place on place Baudoyer, 75004 Paris

Metro: Saint Paul, Pont Marie or Cite

By Alina Kovelenova


One thought on “Market next door

  1. Yeix says:

    Ahh I love markets! I haven’t been to mine in months because it ends at midday which is about the time I wake up 😦
    But one day I will!
    I’m lucky then ’cause mine has a nice selection of meats and fruits!


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