Girls’ Time – Le Bristol Hotel: The Best Place to indulge in the afternoon tea

When it comes to the freezing winter in Paris, there’s nothing better than having a perfect cup of tea and delicious pastries in this alluring fashion city!

Le Bristol Paris is a heavenly Palaceone of the places where you need to absorb a luxurious once in a lifetime experience. Upon our arrival, we were led to the hotel’s tea salon, which was right beside the main lobby. We were in awe of the fabulous Louis XIV interiors with magnificent gold chandeliers.

We ordered 3 pots of tea were that accompanied with a tiered tower of finger sandwiches and 4 different kinds of pastries. ‘Darjeeling’ was our favorite for the flavor! We madly enjoyed every bite from the first to the third level.

IMG_8071 IMG_8069

High tea at Le Bristol Hotel (Click here to watch the video made by Lynn)


“C’est vraiment magnifique” with outstanding and welcoming service. The service here was fabulous. Waiters are very patient and nice and one of waiters even squatted down in order to listen to the little boy. I was deeply moved and we could not ask for more. If you are looking for the luxury atmosphere with high quality care, this is your best choice in Paris. It’s one of the most wonderful and true luxury experiences for us so far.


FYI: Afternoon tea at Le Bristol Paris starts at 3PM until 6PM and they do not accept any reservation.

Le Bristol Hotel: Le Jardin Français 112 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore 75008 Paris

Metro: Miromesnil

By Lingxiu Chen & Kim Patarabunditkul


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