It was Never part of the Plan!

I find it pretty odd that each time I find fantastic food in paris, I always stumble upon it by accident. My luck or ???

So, on Sunday night, my friend (Alina) and I decided to have dinner at SCHMUCK on Rue de Conde in Saint Germain. She had heard it was amazing so we made reservations and headed out. We got to the front of the restaurant and guess what? PLACE WAS EMPTY. We didn’t even bother going in… We simply looked around the area and decided to walk into the nearest restaurant and thats how we discovered LES EDITEURS. Right across the street from where we thought our dinner fate was sealed.

The first thing that made us fall in love was the ambience. Very mature (leather seats and bookshelves), the temperature was right, it smelled fresh, it was cosy, the crowd seemed decent (mix of young and old) and the staff spoke French and English. We were sold!


I had the pumpkin soup for starters. Small but the explosion of flavor and texture in my mouth was out of this world. Little bits of bacon in there too. *swoons*


My main course: grilled filet of duck with dried fruits on a bed of sweet potato puree. I’ve never tasted anything quite like it. The puree was so light and not overwhelming and the duck. oh my! the duck… NO WORDS..

IMG_3599 IMG_3596

For drinks to accompany this lovely meal, we opted for APEROL, which is a famous Italian aperatif. Contents: bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona. LOVED IT


Our conclusion: perfect for “Sunday Dinner”. Great food, Great ambience and good service!


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