Served by Friends

Hidden in the trendy area of Saint-Germain, Pouic-Pouic is a perfect French restaurant that once visited can’t be forgotten. The 1960s French comedy film starring famous Louis de Funès inspires its name. What makes this restaurant so special? It stands out of the crowd. I was deeply in search of a nice place for a birthday dinner and was tired of typical French cafeterias that attract tourists and have the same menu on and on. Luckily, a friend of a friend sent me a list of the “must-visit” Parisian restaurants and then my research has begun. I was totally hooked by the Pouic-Pouic’s website: it is simple and chic at the same time; it has an English version (which for non-French speakers is important) and, Oh my God, their cuisine photos made my gastronomy cravings reach its peak! The reservation can be done online and it is a huge plus, though, I had to call the restaurant to confirm it. What surprised my friends and me is the punctuality of the staff. I have booked a table for 7.30pm and exactly at 7.28pm I have received a call from the restaurant whether we’re still coming or not. We were running a bit late and were totally surprised because usually being like 15 minutes late is normal.

Though Pouic-Pouic is in the heart of 6th arrondissement, the actual street (rue Lobineau) is a quiet, small and cozy one. The entrance of the restaurant is all black with small wording so one can easily miss it but it creates the mysterious ambiance. Entering the place, we faced a completely black curtain and were wondering what’s waiting for us inside.

FYI: Make sure to reserve online before coming here and be prepared for the delicious voyage into the world of Pouic-Pouic where food is cooked to the perfection.

As soon as we entered Pouic-Pouic, we were greeted with open arms and wonderful service. The general manager was our waiter for the night and he took absolute care of us. He answered literally ANY and EVERY question we had from about the food to the nightlife in the surrounding area. We asked for the wine menu and the wine waiter talked us through everything. He started off by asking us what we wanted to eat to ensure that we had a proper wine to go with our meals. He also didn’t try to bribe us with the most expensive wine, but he just showed us the best wine because it was the best wine. Something that really stood out for me was that the staff not only spoke English very well, but the menus were also in English and French. This is usually typical for touristy areas but not for typical French restaurants. Their menus are ever changing (typically every 3-4 weeks) and the food is picked fresh daily. The food was beyond mouth watering, it literally melted our hearts. Even when one of our friends asked to send her food back, the staff was more than pleased to prepare the food the way she wanted it. The meals priced very well nothing reaching more than 28 euros. The staff was beyond helpful, they treated us like friends.

Scallops with Yellow Carrot Puree

Scallops with yellow carrot puree

Beef cheeks and foie gras

Beef cheeks and foie gras

Swordfish with vegetable wok

Swordfish with vegetable wok

Go past the curtain and a dimly lit, cozy and romantic ambiance awaits you. You would instantly be hit with positive vibes and your mood would be lit up. The restaurant is very simple and chic with burgundy seats and dark wooden furniture with a seating of around 40 people. The table was neatly set with all the glasses lined up in the centre, surrounded by a few candles. It has an open kitchen which does not kill your mood with noisy stuff, rather you are reassured about your food being fresh and hygienic. The restroom was clean and nice and had hand towels. Only one problem : it was freezing in there..

On the digital front, Pouic Pouic is active on Twitter; their FaceBook page is also updated semi-frequently with happenings at the restaurant and some interesting stories. But you won’t find them on Instagram, not even the hashtag of their name works there! we Would love to see them there as well. The best thing is that every review about them has something good to say, be it their food or service or the overall experience; we have not come across any negative reviews about this place.

We truly enjoyed everything about Pouic Pouic and can’t wait to see our FRIENDS again!.

Chestnut shortcake with caramel sauce

Chestnut shortcake with caramel sauce

Mille-feuille with brownie and salted caramel sauce

Mille-feuille with brownie and salted caramel sauce

 Address: 9 Rue Lobineau, 75006 Paris


Metro: Saint-Germain

By Diana Dovgaya, Mayne Hairston, Rutuja Pagar


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