Kick this BUN!

Razowski was the Polish boxer who emigrated to the States and did his career there. NOW the burger place in Paris near Pyramides has his name. So boxing inspires burgers? We say YES!

Solid minimalistic and masculine design is paired with burgers as the main award when one win a chance to get a seat in this busy and always full place.

Wine selection

Wine selection

IMG_6929 copy

Exterior menu

Exterior menu

Actual menu

Actual menu

We have ordered TEX (14 €) and TARTUFO (17 €) burgers.



Verdict: Though we could hardly pronounce the name of this place, burgers here are exceptional. What surprised us that it has been only 5 to 7 minutes since we’ve made order till me got it. Amazing for those being incredibly hungry! Beef is nicely cooked, bun is a bit crunchy from outside and warm and soft inside, fries are good as well, not too salty or overcooked. The whole burger is stuffy and starts melting in your hands and finishes in your mouth… Yummy.

Service in Razowski is not great or special but waiters serve their main function – take and bring orders and this is what makes us happy.

Address: 38 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

Metro: Pyramides

By Diana Dovgaya, Rutuja Pagar


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