Two Girls and a Burger

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: BLEND. Possibly one of the best burgers you’ll have in Paris! Perfect for lunch time or when you just need a ‘quick fix’.


The burgers are served in baskets and cut in two halves because they want to make life easier for everyone.


The beef patty is cooked to order and the burger buns are home made! #perfection


Crispy Home- made Fries.


“Old School” Coca cola… Childhood memories


Black and white with seats uncomfortable enough that you don’t stay longer than you should!


Perfect Pricing too!

Kept it simple

They know to keep it simple!

For information on their different locations, visit their website:

By: Alina and Shade


2 thoughts on “Two Girls and a Burger

  1. mehairs2 says:

    I love this place!!!!!They were even nice enough one time to not charge me as much because I only like simple chees burgers with no sauce and they felt bad for me having to pay for the frills!. The staff is amazing

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