Bohemian Twist

Early start to the morning classes brought us to the 10th arrondissement in search for a good restaurant to have our lunch and to our bad luck we weren’t finding anything close by. Getting an aid from Google Maps and almost giving up on the search, it struck the one of us that there is a good place in this area and all she could remember was that the place looked really good. And instead of wandering across the streets we thought of going ahead with this restaurant. We went back to Google Maps and looked up for Comptoir General Museum because all she remembered was that this restaurant was situated inside the Museum. Hidden behind a block of houses on Canal Saint-Martin, an entirely different experience awaited us. As you walk past the Hallway, on the left there is this enormous room with a smoking area formed in the garden area. The size of the room will blow you off. They have tried to create a Greenhouse, which makes the room very bright and fresh.



A completely vintage African look with black and white tiles took us far away from Paris for sure. We chose our table and settled ourselves. As we tried to look around, we found some African souvenirs and some really weird stuff (skeletons). The look of the Bar took us to Jamaica, Carribean, Miami… And then there was a moment of Silence and Confusion. For around 10 minutes we tried to figure out how we place the order for food. We could only see a small counter behind us. After waiting for long for the waiter to come up to us, we decided to approach the counter and place the order ourselves. (Later realized that, that was the way people placed their orders).

We had the Plat (Chili Con Carne) + Boisson (Rum with juice) for 13 euros. We took our forks and knives and were served with our food in the next 5 minutes. The food tasted good and was served in a decent quantity. But the served manner was really simple: white plate with food laying on it as it goes. The drink was rather strong and combined with the music being played, it got us all chirpy and we felt like we were wandering somewhere on the beachside in Miami.. The staff was friendly and by the time we left, the place was all full.

Chili con Carne (beef chili)

Chili con Carne (beef chili)

Verdict: Worth a visit for sure for its sheer laid back atmosphere and vintage Caribbean vibes. Be careful with your drinks and be prepared for chilled ambiance.

FYI: Place is not easy to find, it is located inside the Ghetto museum.

Address : 80 Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris

Metro: Jacques Bonsergent | line 5


By Diana Dovgaya, Mayne Hairston, Rutuja Pagar


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