“Bonsoir” & “Gracias”

After a long week of studying and working on group projects, we decided to go eat Mexican food on a Friday night. Why Mexican food you ask? Because it is simply amazing! Who doesn’t love good salsa and chips with a margarita on the side?

One of our good friends from Mexico had recommended us this place “La Mexicaleria” from long time ago so we decided to try. It is located in the Le Marais area of Paris, an up ad coming area in Paris for students and artsy people. It is tucked away on the side street of Rue des Tournelles, walking distance from the Chermin Vert metro (Line 8). We almost missed it if it wasn’t for the small sign under the street name saying “Best Mexican”.

The restaurant was quaint, and had touches of Mexico all over. Our friend pointed out that the ceilings displayed a traditional Mexican card game that she played when she was younger. The music playing throughout the night was typical music of Latin American countries. It was so enticing that we even ended up getting up to dance, joining in with the other patrons who were enjoying themselves.



We started off with guacamole and chips and margarita with Mezcal. It is a traditional drink from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Mezcal is a lot stronger than tequila but it was just perfect for us – we needed something strong! The house size margarita with Mezcal was everything that was needed and more and the price was right in budget for 10 euros. The pitcher of the same drink was 40 euros and was good for 5 people.


The quesadillas de papa con chorio is a tortilla with melted cheese, potato and meat. The juicy meat and hot potatoes with melted cheese on top and black bean on the side was amazing. Not only were the quesadillas delicious, but also the prices were beyond reasonable. One quesadilla is only 3 euros and it’s a heaven on your mouth. The food and the drinks were both perfect!

It is always fun to find places that take us out of our elements and enjoy foods of different cultures. The best part about the whole experience was me (Jane) getting to practice my Spanish. I think I said “gracias” at least 200 times that night. Overall I think it was a good night had by all!.

La Mexcaleria
44 Rue des Tournelles
Paris, 75004
Metro: Chermin Vert (Line 8)

By: Mayne Hairston & Jane Sun Jung Lee


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