It was a Goose in the South West

I was attracted  by this really cute name at the first time, Il Était une Oie dans le Sud Ouest, in English It means it was a Goose in the South West. As the name indicates, this restaurant is the specialist of the cuisine southwest in France.

Before I went to this restaurant, I made a reservation online because no one answered the phone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t receive the conformation email, so I decided to go there directly.

15.pic_hdMy friend and I arrived the restaurant at around 8:30 pm., the restaurant had already full of people. I surprisingly found that my reservation was successfully booked online, but we were late about 1 hour. We were not supposed to have a site at the beginning, but after I explained the problem they arranged us a place immediately.Their staffs are very enthusiastic. They patiently explained us every “today’s special dishes” and smiled all the time. Their staffs are very enthusiastic. They patiently explained us every “today’s special dishes” and smiled all the time.

The decoration is in red style remains you of your childhood. We felt really welcomed and warm in this atmosphere.


This restaurant is the expert of Goose and Duck Cuisine. If you are a foie gras lover don’t hesitate to have a taste!

We stated with pumpkin soup which had the feeling of home.14.pic_hd

We ordered two plats of duck served with home-made French fries. The colors were beautiful and very appetitive. Everything was cooked at just the right level. 10.pic_hd 11.pic_hd

16.pic_hdIf you fell duck is a little bit greasy for you,

just try the Nage des Fruits.

Well decorated with a cute umbrella,

this dessert can bring you a refreshing taste.

The chocolate cake served with ice cream is too sweet for me, sugar lovers shouldn’t miss it.


Overall,  Il était une Oie dans le Sud Ouest is a good place to relax yourself and have a good time with your families our friends. Excellent services and high quality food make this restaurant always lack of places. It’s necessary to make a reservation be you go there.  It is very convenient to book on both their official website and Trip Advisor website. Here is the link of their official website.

Depending on the menu, the budget could be 40 for each person.


Monday  12:30 – 14:00

Tuesday  to Friday  12:00 – 14:00,  19:30 – 22:00

Saturday   19:30 – 22:00

Phone number: +33 1 73 20 23 07

Address: 8 Rue Gustave Flaubert, 75017 Paris, France

By: Zheng HE 


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