Marché St. Eustache – Les Halles

Living near Chatelet, I have always wanted to discover this tiny market located nearby. But there was a big problem – opening hours. On Sundays it works from 7 am to 3 pm and on Thursdaysfrom 12.30 pm to 8.30 pm. It was almost impossible for me to get up so early on Sunday to go there! I have tried several times and failed every other time except today.


I have entered the market around 9.30 am (although it is working till 3 pm, after 11 am you will find nothing there) and was struck by the sun playing on the food colors. Worth mentioning is this market is one of the oldest ones located near ancient and beautiful Elise St. Eustache. Market is amazing, you can find everything you need – from fresh fish to fresh meat, from handmade format blanc to exotic fruits and vegetables, from oriental food (like tajine cooked) to roasted chicken, from flowers to scarves.





Though the market is tiny, the selection is huge and fresh, pure embarrassment of riches. I’d recommend by chance visit this market and at least walk through it. You can find 10 tulips for 10 euros, 3 turkey steaks for 6 euro, 2 full bags of fruits and vegetables for like 15 euros. And their fromage blanc is creamy, delicious and authentic (I’ve already tried 🙂




The area of Les Halles is known to be “the belly of Paris” that under the reign of Louis VII supplied the whole city with food. When you get in the area, you can just close your eyes and vividly imagine how it was back centuries ago. Historic vibes combined with magnificent architecture are everywhere at Les Halles.

Location: Rue Montmartre – Entres les rues Rambuteau et du Jour 75001 Paris

Metro: Chatelet – Les Halles | Etienne Marcel | Sentier

By Diana Dovgaya


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