A trip to Thailand in the 13th arrondissement

Paradise Thais has a really grandiose gate in the style of Thailand. You can easily find this restaurant on the street of Tolbiac. The whole restaurant was decorated by using Asia elements, like bamboos, indoor river and the figure of Buddha. We find a video for you to better look at the restaurant.restaurant-paris-paradis-thai-707_1


Surprisingly they offered menu in three languages, French, English and Chinese. The atmosphere here is peaceful, we felt this restaurant is a good place for people who like calm to have a relaxing diner.ZS14Q$FU)8{`V4MKAYFHL%T

The services were friendly. The most impressive part is their cuisine. As two curry lovers, we were so glad to have this place. A little pricy for the area but well worth it.

Tom Yum Soup called Spicy soup with seafood or Spicy soup with shrimps in Paradis Thai is one entry that you can’t miss. It’s sour and spicy with fragrant thai herbs generously used. You can smell the soup before it is served. While tasting this exotic soup, you can find chewy seafood hiding in it. But it will be better if they make the soup thicker. Paradis Thai also serve some alike soups like lemon and coco soup. That means you might find your soup served with a whole coconut and that’s amazing.屏幕快照 2015-03-09 23.36.14

We also like red curry from Paradis Thai so much. You can choose beef, pork or chicken with red, green or yellow curry with jasmine rice or sticky rice. Thai curry is so different from Japanese curry, they use more herbs and they are more various. Red curry beef after the Tom Yum Soup, we are ready for a namaste!IMG_3151

Every time we go to Paradis Thai, we order the Mango with sticky rice and coconut milk as a dessert. Two big pieces of mango, with some sticky rice covered by coconut milk make us feel so fresh after lots of herbs and curry.IMG_3088

I guess this is the secret of thai cuisine and Paradis Thai: sour, spicy, sweet, and herbal. You can taste everything from it but not too much, so you never fell tired of it.

Address: 132, rue de Tolbiac 75013 PARIS

Phone: +33 1 45 83 22 26

Email : paradis.thai@hotmail.fr



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