Mapo Doufu

Sichuan, one of the largest provinces is the home of the most savory and spicy food found in China. However, there is more than just piquancy to their culinary, more than what is called “ma”, a little word that means the hot Sichuan taste.

Perhaps the best known dish is Mapo Doufu. It gained in popularity when a pock-marked woman who lived near the Wanfu Bridge opened and ran a restaurant there, circa the 19th century. She served many kinds of bean curd dishes but perhaps the one most liked whose fame spread to the rest of China, got the name of Pock-faced Lady Doufu, better known by its Chinese name of Mapo Doufu.

Ingredients: soft bean curd, corn oil, beef or pork and chopped, scallion, chili paste with garlic, fresh ginger, black bean paste with chili, salt, soy sauce.

cooked all ingredients together after few minutes can serve. doufu 31-麻婆豆腐

address: 129bis, Avenue Choisy, 75013 paris      M7: Tolbiac   12:00-0:30  ferme: Lundi



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