Soup! s’il vous plait!



Being raised in a family of doctors means : check up at least once a year and strong recommendation to eat soup. So yes! that makes me a lover of all things SOUP!

Since i moved to Paris, I have been delighted mainly with the food, however, the only thing missing- the variety of soups: vegetable, mushroom, chicken broth, beetroot soup, cabbage soup, fish soup etc.

Therefore, I made it my obsession is to find a place where you can eat something reminding you of soup (but not just onion soup s’il vous plait)

Of course, the first and best option was Asian cuisine,  but at the same time i could not eat them all the time because they are spicy and full of flavor. Sometimes you just need a simple broth, chicken, quail, pigeon! Difficult to find, considered as haute cuisine.

So, after 4 months of search I found my delicious life and stomach saving points:

-Thai Yim in 13 th area( China Town)- variety of soups , i call them raw beauty,more like goulash, rich, spicy, flavorful and delicious – like homemade  (but sometimes you get tired of it)

-Siamin, off Avenue Montagne(Champs Elysees) – more european style interior, food is more delicate, decor and set up are a bit more glamorous than others i visited as well as the ambiance of the place :crowd- 1st floor locals, second floor-tourists mostly.

-Aux petit Thai at Saint Paul(Le Marais) is also good but soups are also too european, so i prefer duck curry rouge that also reminds me of traditional soup accompanied by Nem Thai style instead of bread.

French are not that much of soup people, croissant rules here. The one i tried by chance was soup at grand boulevard, Le Matin. Frankly speaking i haven’t seen many nice places there, so we just stepped by to one before french classes and I got vegetable soup-very decent quality i should say, service a la Francais! Don’t expect that much, but the smile changes everything, So smile! it may make you live longer.

-Another place to eat soup, pumpkin, creamy, we found by chance. After classes, looking for nice place in 16th, looking in the windows of restaurants I basically drowned in one- I saw soup!!! (I almost entered the window) it was not polite at all, but I had been starved of soup. So we took lunch at Le Grand Armee – pumpkin heaven, and the Thai style prawns side dish made my day. The Soup goes with the ambiance of the place: classy, nice, well – behaved, perfect faces (Guys of course), so you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of lunch, sipping wine and observing crowd, Allez-y!

Of course there is always an option to go to Russian restaurant Pushkin and get broth or borsch but portions will be smaller than home and pretty pricy. Besides, it’s boring and you miss a chance to explore something new but I’m always up for it!

My search was primarily in the 13th arrondissement, 4-6th arrondissement where I spent most of time and 16th arrondissement where I took jewelry and wine classes.

1- Thai Yim

Address: 14 rue Caillaux 75013 Paris

Price range €

2 -Siamin

Address: 19 rue Bayard 75008 Paris

Price range: €€

3 – Aux petit Thai
Address:10 rue Roi de Sicile 75004 Paris

Price range €€

4 – Le Matin
Address: 12 boulevard Poissonniere 75009

Price range: €

5 – La Grand Armee
Address: 3 avenue Grande Armée 75116 Paris
Price range: €€€

If you are I interested, let me know what area should I explore to find you decent place to have a bowl of soup

Soupeaters :Kovelenova Alina and Ola Shade


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